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Clamp down on Carbon Monoxide, the silent killer #TunesNotFumes

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This isn’t exactly a regular cooking scene. What are you gonna do?

A group cooking on disposable BBQs inside a gazebo.

Blimey, that looks cosy! What would be your next step?

Two people in sleeping bags, asleep with a glowing BBQ in their tent.

Nothing to see here.

A cow in a tent.

What’s going on here? These fellas look a bit worse for wear.

A dizzy man and a sick woman cooking on a gas cooker inside a tent.

This camp is almost louder than the main stage! What would you do?

A woman short of breath and a guy thinking what he needed to check before the festival.

THAT is an impressive can pyramid.

Two people building a can pyramid.

What kind of festival-goer are you?

Too cool for school.

Too Cool For School

When it comes to music you know your way around a festival. But have you thought about your CO safety? Our guide can help.

What kind of festival-goer are you?

King of the quiff.

King of the Quiff

You look good and you act it too. When it comes to cooking up a festival feast, you know your CO safety.

What kind of festival-goer are you?

A fierce fashionista.

A Fierce Fashionista

You’ll do anything to be top of the style stakes. But keep CO safety in mind too. Our guide can help.

What kind of festival-goer are you?

First to the floor.

First to the Floor

The dancefloor of course, and the first to spot a breach of CO safety. Good on you.

Think back to the festival characters. Were they suffering from more than your average festival side effects?

Characters with cooking equipment, acting erratic.
These guys are acting out of sorts – this irregular behaviour is a symptom of carbon monoxide.
Two men asleep in sleeping bags, snoring.
This looks like excessive tiredness, and possible loss of consciousness – a hard symptom to spot.
A man wobbling with dizzy eyes.
This fella looks like he’s suffering from dizziness – a wobbly symptom to watch out for.
A woman with a green face and a headache.
She’s suffering from a banging headache and showing signs of nausea – both carbon monoxide symptoms.
A man with eyesight problems, rocking his head.
Eyesight problems are a symptom of carbon monoxide – this guy looks like he’s struggling.
A woman breathing heavily.
This girl is struggling to catch her breath – another symptom of carbon monoxide: shortness of breath.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and no, that’s not a new band worth checking out.

Camping equipment.

Follow this 3-step guide.

1 Always cook outside. If it’s raining, just get wet or chuck on a poncho.

Cooking outside in the rain wearing a poncho.

Follow this 3-step guide.

2 A BBQ is not a radiator! Resist the temptation to bring your BBQ inside with you.

Two people in a tent with a smouldering BBQ.

Follow this 3-step guide.

3 Be safe! Extinguish your BBQ and leave it outside to cool before binning it. Get a CO alarm, test it and use it!

Faulty looking cooking appliances.

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Too cool for school. King of the quiff. A fierce fashionista. First to the floor.

I’m too cool for school – guitar in hand; I’m working on my CO safety solo. I’m king of the quiff – my hair stands out, and so does my CO safety knowledge. I’m a fierce fashionista – I’m learning to be CO safe, and looking good doing it. I’m first to the floor – I know my CO safety hazards and my dance moves.

Don't forget your CO alarm!

Carbon monoxide alarm